Who is TheMotherStucker? 

Christy Stucker is a passionate, educated Fashionista (Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising!) and Adventure Traveler which also makes her “The Most Reluctant Homemaker on the Planet”.  The only reason you will ever see her scrubbing, sweeping, or cooking is when company is expected at The Stucker Homestead.  Therefore TheMotherStucker needs household products that work so she can get busy planning her next trip (and wardrobe)!  TheMotherStucker loves her family with all her ❤  — but seriously — you should see the filthy domestic atrocities committed by her pre-teen, toddler, frenchie pug, and handsome hubby.  Speaking of looking good, Christy is a former Mrs. Kentucky America (2009) and Mrs. U.S. of A Globe (2005).  Submissive?  Not so much.  Chic?  Absolutely!  Enjoy this site and know Christy continues to do the dirty work (check the mess she leaves on the bathroom counter after a full face make-up application) so you can find the best products available for your home!  Get your housework done so you can check out her exciting  Vacation ideas, Family Friendly Food suggestions and MotherStucker Savvy Style!

TheMotherStucker is featured in The Mom Blogs http://themomblogs.com/, Top Mommy Blogs http://www.topmommyblogs.com/pages/index.php, The Best Mom Blogs www.TheBestMomBlogs.com, The Hamburg Home Journal http://www.hamburgjournal.com/ and Skirt Magazine http://skirt.com.

Let’s get social!  Catch me:

Twitter – https://twitter.com/christystucker

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/christy.stucker.1 & https://www.facebook.com/TheMotherStucker

Pinterest – http://pinterest.com/christystucker/

Skirt Magazine –  http://skirt.com/mother-stucker

The Hamburg Journal “Chatting with Christy” –  http://www.hamburgjournal.com/

Skirt Magazine –  http://skirt.com/mother-stucker

Email –  MotherStucker@gmail.com


One thought on “Who?

  1. Christy; It was lots of fun meeting you on the way to the Palm Springs Airport. Sure hope to meet the rest of the Stuckers when you come back to see us. Your driver. Regards T.K. Bergman

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