Flavorful Friday

YUMMY!  Call (859)421-1764 for info regarding shipping fresh pasta to your door!  Today the Mother Stucker visited Lexington Pasta for her fresh pasta and to say hi to the Pasta Guys! 

Lexington Pasta Club 2012/2013 Calendar

Week of Nov 3rd – Fettuccine (Spinach or Garlic & Herb)

Week of Nov 17th – Gnocchi (Italian Potato Dumpling)

Week of Dec 1st – Ravioli (3 Cheese with Spinach or Chicken with Prosciutto)

Week of Dec 15th – Pappardelle (Spinach or Tomato)

Week of Dec 29th – Gnocchi

Week of Jan 12th – Linguine (Rosemary & Thyme or Roasted Red Pepper)

Week of Jan 26th – Spaghetti with Marina Sauce

Week of Feb 9th – Ravioli (Mushroom Trio or 4 Cheese Blend)

Week of Feb 23rd – Fettuccine (Lemon Pepper or Spinach)

Week of March 9th – Gnocchi

Week of March 23rd – Pappardelle (Garlic & Herb or Rosemary & Thyme)

“MotherStucker Flavor Friday” pasta updates available right here MotherStuckers – stay tuned!


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