100 motherstucker facts


I read somewhere that on your 100th blog post you should write 100 things about yourself. So, in honor of my 100th post, I present to you…

1.  Polka Dots are my obsession.

2.  I believe there is A LOT of room at the top.

3.  My first job was at a hardware store.

4.  I was finalist and semi-finalist (respectively) at the 2011/2012 Big Brother (CBS) Castings for Seasons 12/13.

5.  The MotherStucker is not a breakfast person. 

6.  My Dogs names past and present start with D (Deliliah,Delores, etc.).  My Children’s names start with C !

7.  I run 10+ miles per week.

8.  Although I’m not proud of it – I have been hit by a bike 2 x while walking.

9.  I feel like I’m a petite 5’2″ but I’m actually 5 ‘ 10″.

10.  I was baptized at age 7.

11.  I’ve never spent any time in jail.  However, I have spent an afternoon UP in the police helicopter. 

12.   The Mother Stucker despises plastic eating utensils.

13.  My holiday decor is always out early.  Halloween decorations are displayed  in mid-August at MotherStucker headquarters.

14.  My grandmother was diagnosed with stage 4 Lymphoma in 2009.  When she told me it felt as though all the oxygen had been sucked out of the room. 

15.  I’ve been to 9 different countries and am looking for trip #10!

16.  I flunked college algebra 4x and am 100% certain I shouldn’t have graduated due to my final grade in that class.  But I did 😉

17.  The Mother Stucker has been a redhead twice.

18.  I won the dance contest at Aaron Jackson’s 6th Birthday party – The song was PYT by Michael Jackson.

19.  Michael Jackson died on my birthday ;(

20.  If you celebrate Christmas (and I do!) my b-day is the BEST day of the year to have a birthday  = June 25th.  6 Months to Christmas, 6 Months to B Day, so on and so forth.

21.  The most emotional years of my life:  1984, 1987, 1995, 2002, 2010, 2011.

22.  I have 2 sisters from China. These amazing gals are both younger than my oldest daughter and older than my youngest daughter.  Confused yet?

23.  The MotherStucker looks SMASHING in navy blue.

24.  Sometimes I miss my “common” maiden name of Ellis. 

25.  I moved 10 times by the time I was 20 years old.

26.  In 1985 I won the Kenton Country Science Fair with the project my Dad “helped” me complete (My 3rd grade year).  In 2012 my daughter won the Fayette County Science Fair with the project her Mother Stucker “helped” her complete.

27.  I was married for 11 years before I ever considered the concept of “The Mother Stucker”.

28.  I can’t stand next to someone blowing up a balloon with a helium tank.  The sound drives me insane.  I blame 4 years of “Rush Week” at the sorority house for the mental damage.

29.  I get CRAZY excited when I get international views on my blog.

30.  My grandmother who BEAT Lymphoma tells me, “No grass grows under your feet”.  I can’t imagine this world without her.

31.  The Mother Stucker needs a convertible.

32.  My first grade teacher literally pinned a tail on to my classmate who was misbehaving.  My fifth grade teacher threw a desk out of an open 3rd story classroom window during class time.  Today such occurrences would make CNN news.

33.  I have been to a fortune-teller exactly one time.  She gave me good news/bad news.  She was right.

34.  There is nothing better than a Bloody Mary on Saturday morning.

35.  I express myself best through writing. 

36.  I write at the kitchen table.

37.  I write (in eyeliner/lipstick/etc.) on the bathroom mirror.

38.  I write in spiral bound notebooks that have undecipherable handwriting.

39.  Ron White’s voice often narrates in my head and he is just wrong – funny – but wrong.

40.  The most difficult adult conversation I’ve had to date with my parents is to let them I know I was getting a “cosmetic enhancement”.  AWKWARD.

41.  I’ve never eaten cobbler and I never will  — mostly because of the way it looks.

42.  “The 5 People you Meet in Heaven” is one of my all time favorite books.  I daydream about my 5…

43.  I’ve never broken a bone.

44.  Before age 34 I was not a coffee drinker.  Now I’m an addict.

45.  When Hubby and I first  brought my daughter home from the hospital, I slept on the couch with her for the first 3 days because I was terrified I would miss something.  Although we have stopped sleeping on the couch, I’m still terrified.

46.  The older I get the more fetching I get!

47.  I was Mrs. U.S. of A. 2005, made top 5 at Mrs. Globe 2006, was Mrs. Kentucky 2009, and made top 5 at Mrs. America and STILL don’t consider myself a “pageant girl”.

48.  My favorite handgun to shoot = G19.

49.  The song “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac has always been a favorite.  It’s meaning to me has evolved and expect that will continue.

50.  I’m a lifelong Kentuckian!

51.  I make mean Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars.

52.  Recently I “researched” and “discovered” that Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe both passed away at age 36.  That makes me very sad.

53.  Several times I have attempted to complete reading “Fifty Shades of Grey” and I simply can not get through the book.

54.  I do a “happy dance” when my US Weekly Magazine arrives in the mailbox.

55.  I love to listen to my daughter practice viola.

56.  Nicknames are the best!  If I know you (or know of you) odds are I refer to you by such nickname when not in your presence.  Most of these nicknames are very nice.  I can only assume you do the same for me.

57.  Champagne = 🙂

58.  I recently tried to pay for McDonalds happy meals with my Starbucks Gold Rewards card entirely on accident.  The McD’s employee took the card, swiped it, and then told me her register wasn’t able to accept a Starbucks card.  I laughed hysterically.  My daughter snorted out loud.  MotherStucker and daughter repeated!

59.  I have a problem with authority.  I’m working on it.

60.  My brother worked in college as a funeral home “runner”.  His job was to go pick up the newly deceased and bring them back to the funeral home.  I still refer to him as “The Body Snatcher”. 

61.  March 13, 1997 Noon:  I got my first and only tattoo.  March 13, 1997 4 PM:  I met what would become by hubby!

62.  The Mother Stucker is an excellent swimmer.

63.  I planned a trip to Mexico.  I gave myself 2 rules.  #1 – I was not going to need to go to a Mexican hospital #2 – I would not go to jail in Mexico.  Within an hour of landing on Mexican soil a friend and I decided to drive her rental car to a nearby shopping center.  Our tire blew on the highway in front of a Mexican prison.  That was the longest day of my life.

64.  Dance has been a hobby for as long as a I can remember.  I started lessons at age 4 and have never stopped.

65.  Recently I have developed a fascination for all things peacock.

66.  I prefer 4 inch heels.  Somehow 3 1/2 inches seems to short and 4 1/2 seems to tall. 

67.  I have witnessed my husband having a kidney stone surgery stint removed by a urologist.  There are no words…..

68.  Scary movies are not for me.  Real life is scary enough, thank you. 

69.  I want to go to Croatia.  Now would be good.

70.  My GREAT grandmother is still going strong. 

71.  Peanut Butter is my nemesis.  Nutella on the other hand is a totally different story.

72.  I respect people who challenge me.

73.  I adore people who make me laugh.

74.  At 25 my doctor suspected I had thyroid cancer.  After a thyroidectomy it was determined I was cancer free!  The experience humbled me.

75.  The Jetson’s cartoon rocks!

76.  As a Cancer astrological sign I realize every personal relationship I’ve had with an Aries has been a disaster.

77.  I’ve sold cars and taught Jazzercise classes, but never at the same time.

78.  In high school I played the part of Belle in my school’s “Beauty and The Beast” production.  I can still recite every line of the movie.

79.  I invented X-tra large M&M’s long before they were actually available. 

80.  My passport is in my purse at all times just in case.

81.  A co-worker pranked me.  I pranked her back by hosting a “Surprise!” Absolute Auction at her house that was advertised to the public.  Wow, she was really “Surprised”!

82.  At the Opening Weekend of the Mohammed Ali Center I had the good fortune to be assigned to be a member of James Taylor’s entourage.

83.  I pray like a boss during every plane take-off and landing.

84.  I’ve never gone fishing.

85.  May I suggest causing at “International Incident” at least once.

86.  Never underestimate the power of cowgirl boots and the right dress!

87.  I love to watch my hubby dance with our daughters.

88.  Laundry can be therapeutic if done correctly.

89. I am hard on myself.

90.  What doesn’t kill you actually does make you stronger.

91.  I’m a crappy tooth fairy.

92.  Mistaken identity happens.  Last week I tried to convince an acquaintance that he was actually someone else — in public — with witnesses present.  Everyone got a good laugh out of it, but you don’t want to be THAT MotherStucker.  #57 above was also slightly to blame.

93.  I’m in the best shape of my life (so far!).

94.  I have small hands, feet, and ears.  My daughters tell me my ears are too small.  I can still hear them when they bicker, so clearly I’ve disproved their theory.

95.  I graduated high school in 1995!

96.  I love going to the dentist.

97.  My entire life total strangers have called me Cindy, which happens to be my Mom’s name.  When I was little and referred to as Cindy I assumed it because I looked like my Mom.  These days we live 100+ miles apart and it still happens. 

98.  Jordan is my middle name.  Cindy (above) named me after the Jordan character in “The Great Gatsby”.  I have a feeling it had more to do with Robert Redford….

99.  The best things happen when you least expect it.

100.  I’m just getting started MotherStuckers – you haven’t seen anything yet!


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