Product Trial – GlamsterBands

We wouldn’t have grown up to be the women we are today without the fun & funky accessories of our youth.  Admit it, you too miss charm necklaces and jelly bracelets.  Part colorful adornment – part social interaction (trading charms, interlocking 2 jellies) – these “vintage” toy/jewelry pieces were our first forays into fashion while we simultaneously began to navigate social sisterhood.  (Sigh.).  Smile 😉

You are welcome in advance… because today YOU become a BOSS hip MOM. 

Step 1.  Go to, if you have?’s.

GlamsterBands are a BRAND NEW &  fun, playful way for your kindergarteners thru tweens to accessorize their favorite outfit. Try one, two, or ten bracelets with any mix of colorful charms! From animals to sunglasses, to even your favorite favorite foods (ice cream and cupcakes, of course), cute combinations are limitless. Wear ‘em or trade ‘em with friends, but either way step up style with GlamsterBands!

Step 2.  Order the GlamsterBands you need in Orange, Pink, Green, Blue, or Purple with customizable silicone charms.

My girls enjoy attaching, removing, replacing and swapping the bracelets and the charms for a constantly changing look – which is great – because their GlamsterBands are worn daily!  Other kids are asking my girls where they can get their hands on GlamsterBands, which got me thinking about Birthday party gifts….

Step 3.  Pat yourself on the back MotherStucker & tell a friend!

Product Trial – GlamsterBands


3 thoughts on “Product Trial – GlamsterBands

  1. Jennifer says:

    Amazing review! Thank you so much!

  2. jodie says:

    I LOVE these bracelets!

  3. Joan says:

    The bracelets are fun to wear and the charms are awesome to trade!

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