I’m hooked. I have completed my first box of Latisse. This means the “petite” solution bottle is empty and I’ve blown through all the applicators. I began using Latisse in early 2012 and although skeptical, I was hopeful for some eyelash lengthen/darkening. My fair complexion and ever advancing “maturity” has left me with eyelashes that leave lots to be desired. The current Latisse television commercials with Brooke Shields as the spokesperson (and introductory discount) intrigued me enough to give the product a fair trial. I am beyond impressed with my Latisse results which makes me want to talk about eyelashes with anyone who will listen, including total strangers.
Due to my pasty skin, I also will enjoy a spray tan from time to time. Relax – no UV radiation involved. I was feeling particularly pasty and plain one Monday evening and decided to make a stop to “remind” my skin tone what color it “should” be. Upon entering the tanning facility I was greeted by a female employee at the front desk. She too was fair and close to my age with the MOST amazing dark, long, eyelashes. I couldn’t help myself. I told her eyelashes were gorgeous (batted mine a few times for emphasis) and asked if she was a Latisse user (grin)? 
What happened next surprised me as much as if this tanning employee had tried to recruit me to becoming a member of the Charlie Sheen’s “goddess” team. Her displeasure with my comment was evident. She indicated in a harsh tone that she would NEVER use Latisse because she had BLUE eyes. I shot the employee a puzzled look back with my own blue eyes. Yes, she was clearly upset with me but did she have to be so rude? My inquiry about her gorgeous eyelashes had been meant entirely as a compliment. I wanted to redirect the conversation and inform her that gals were spending good money to be half as lash blessed as she was – – and educate her that Latisse was completely safe for blue eyes – but I didn’t. Furthermore, I wanted to remind her that most of the “beautiful people” on our planet had gorgeous brown or hazel eyes (Julia Roberts/Penelope Cruz/George Clooney/etc.) The tanning employee’s stern look (not so pretty anymore) told me that she wasn’t in the mood for any more dialogue from me. I decided not to be mad at her for not noticing how fantastic my new lashes are. After my spray tan I stopped and sprang for some new mascara!
(Photo:  TheMotherStucker/Christy Stucker – by Jerame Stephens Photography)

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