MotherStucker Approved

Top 5 blogs that I ❤ right now!– Former fashion gal-about-town in NYC, now mommy to two fierce, fast and funny boys (Thunder and Lightening) in the ‘burbs. SPEED CHIC swaps stilettos for sneakers (most days) but never, ever leaves home without lipgloss. – I am going to be brutally honest with motherhood, my love of food, and my clear obsession with fashion and furniture. I might just need rehab for the latter. Until then, I’ll just write about it. – Mrs. Idaho America 2009 talks about her amazing journey back after a fall and brain injury during summer 2012.  Miracles do happen! – Author of CONFESSIONS OF A BAND GEEK MOM / comedian, award winning speaker, blogger, busy mom of 2 teens. Any more than that and I spontaneously combust. – She has been in a sleep-deprived state of shock for the past 4 years and just started to come out of it when her older child went to kindergarten.  She has short snippets of time now when she can think clearly and form full sentences, and uses that time to blog her stories!


3 thoughts on “MotherStucker Approved

  1. Thank you Motherstucker! I am thrilled you are enjoying Speed Chic. Check yourself out on my Blogroll, obv you have great taste, and I’m excited to read more…

  2. What an honor!! Thanks for enjoying my blog enough to share!! ::blushes:: You. are. awesome!

  3. Thanks, Motherstucker (aka Christy). I must say, you have fabulous taste in blogs! 😉 I really appreciate your support and look forward to checking out these other blogs you mention.

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