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October is national pasta month and I and I know exactly how I am going to celebrate! 

I admit – my interest was sparked the first time I heard about Reinaldo and Lesme.  Saturday mornings at my  fitness center were abuzz with chit chat about “The Pasta Guys” at the downtown farmers market.  I was curious and hungry and decided to investigate further. 

My discovery was more than I expected.  While sampling pasta and enjoying conversation I learned that Reinaldo and Lesme met in Cleveland OH during college.  They instantly had a lot in common with fathers from Spain, mothers from Italy, upbringings in South America, and part time jobs at local “Little Italy” restaurants that specialized in fresh, homemade pasta.

After college Reinaldo accepted an engineering position in Kentucky and also pursued a culinary degree from Lexington’s Sullivan University.  Lesme moved to Tampa, FL and worked in the finance industry climbing the corporate ladder.  They guys managed to get together for The Kentucky Derby, an annual summer vacation, and Thanksgiving.  On a Saturday when Lesme was visiting Lexington, Reinaldo arranged for a trip to the Lexington Farmers Market.  They had decided to fix fresh pasta for dinner, play with the fresh Kentucky produce, and discover some flavors they never had in Little Italy.

As always they had a blast making pasta and after dinner, while still at the table, Lesme said, “This tastes so good and it is so much fun. I wish I could make a living doing this.” Reinaldo said in a half way serious tone, “We probably could. With my background in food manufacturing and culinary arts and your background in business, sales, and marketing, we can probably hit it out of the park.”  They did – and I highly suggest your try Lexington Pasta for yourself.  Their products are featured entrees at Bellini’s, Azur, Dudley’s, Windy Corner Market, A La Lucie, Jonathan at Gratz Park, Portofino’s, Andover Country Club, Nick Ryan’s, Le Deauville, etc.  Available locally at Good Foods, Stuartos, Shorty’s Grocery, Whole Foods, The Mousetrap, Critchfield Meats, and Lexington Pasta storefront at 227 North Limestone!

Just in time for World Pasta Day (October 25th), Lexington Pasta is accepting registration (only through Oct. 31st, 2012) for their Pasta Club ($99).  Join me as a club member and upon registration you will receive your pasta club membership card and pasta pick up cooler bag.  Every two weeks visit one of Lexington Pasta’s approved pick up locations and pick up 4 servings of the pasta of the week (48 servings total).  Other Pasta Club membership benefits include 25% off purchases at Lexington Pasta

Shop through the duration of your membership in the Pasta Club and advance email of promotions including recipes!  Call (859)421-1764 for info regarding shipping fresh pasta to your door!

Lexington Pasta Club 2012/2013 Calendar

Week of Nov 3rd – Fettuccine (Spinach or Garlic & Herb)

Week of Nov 17th – Gnocchi (Italian Potato Dumpling)

Week of Dec 1st – Ravioli (3 Cheese with Spinach or Chicken with Prosciutto)

Week of Dec 15th – Pappardelle (Spinach or Tomato)

Week of Dec 29th – Gnocchi

Week of Jan 12th – Linguine (Rosemary & Thyme or Roasted Red Pepper)

Week of Jan 26th – Spaghetti with Marina Sauce

Week of Feb 9th – Ravioli (Mushroom Trio or 4 Cheese Blend)

Week of Feb 23rd – Fettuccine (Lemon Pepper or Spinach)

Week of March 9th – Gnocchi

Week of March 23rd – Pappardelle (Garlic & Herb or Rosemary & Thyme)

“MotherStucker Flavor Friday” pasta updates available right here MotherStuckers – stay tuned!


Guest Writer: Mode Junkie WhatsTrend Blog

Finally, the search for the perfect little black dress (which all magazines and blogs command you to at least have one in your closet) is O- V- E- R.  I found it while roaming marais on my recent trip to paris (imagine me pronouncing it without the S, so french chic).  I was trying three completely different dresses when the super duper friendly sales assistant (hello to you if you´re reading this!) brought me this dress which he thought i would like.  Then everyone started to form a circle in front of my changing room and just threw nice compliments about THE dress.  So what was there left to do?  OF COURSE.  Bring home the bacon…

There comes a day when you realize turning the page is the best feeling in the world, because you realize there is much more to the book than the one page you were STUCK on.” – Zayn Malik

Welcome MotherStuckers!

Welcome MotherStuckers!

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Go Naked!

In People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People, celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Jessica Biel, Eva Longoria, and Rosario Dawson took it all off – their makeup, that is – for the camera. Could you be so brave? Does being seen in public without makeup make you self conscious or even queasy?
If so, I invite you to challenge yourself! The mission: Go without a stitch of makeup for seven days: No concealer, powder, foundation, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, nada. Also no hiding out at home – participants must show their bare faces to the public. Need motivation? Could going without makeup be better for your health?
The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics is a coalition of public health, educational, labor, religious, environmental and consumer groups with the stated goal of protecting the health of consumers (and cosmetic workers) by requiring the health and beauty industry to phase out the use of chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects and other health problems  and replace them with safer alternatives. To date, over 400 manufacturers, distributors and retailers have signed the pledge. To check out the list of companies go to
Start your own trend by going without makeup often!  I challenged myself and gone from “never leaving the house without “my face on” to now “usually out and about with no makeup” over the past month.  My cashier at the grocery store now recognizes “the no makeup me” and seems unphased by my naked face.  Go Naked!!! I look forward to seeing your face!


Why wait for the weekend to have fun?  ~Loesje

Dress by the J. Peterman Company

MotherStuckers Must Have?

Wednesday Wanderlust


Christy and Laura in Greece as part of the Mrs. Globe “Christmas for Kids”

Travel Team!  Next stop for the 2012 “Christmas for Kids” is the UKRAINE!

scuff-off motherstuckers

True Story:  Last night a beautiful gal in a cute sheath dress and nude patent stilettos entered the dance school lobby where I am held hostage from 545 – 750 PM on Mondays.  I  admired her effort and mentally noted  that I should at least make strides to wear a little make-up next week as to not scare the toddlers and other moms being held hostage.  After a few minutes of quality time checking my MotherStucker emails and catching up on the Ryan Reynolds/Blake Lively wedding in my coveted “Us Weekly” Magazine, the afore mentioned beautiful gal strode across the lobby to the dance school office.  Something on the back of her nude patent stiletto caught my eye — was that mud? — negative!  Simply a black heel scuff that held my attention like a 7 vehicle car crash.  The rest of night I was fixated and decided to try and stop scuff marks from ruining your next ensemble.

Before throwing out a perfectly good pair of shoes plagued by a few minor scuffs, consider these six surprising ways to polish out those abrasions. You can stretch out the lifespan of your favorite kicks, save money from having to replace them, and save time, since these quick fixes take no more than 10 minutes to do.

Erasers. For vinyl shoes, rub a regular pencil eraser over small or lightly scuffed areas. For suede, use a brush to sweep off any dirt that might be trapped on the fabric. (Brush in one direction rather than back and forth.) Then, gently rub off marks with an eraser.

Toothpaste. For canvas-covered footwear, apply a little toothpaste on a cloth, and gently polish off the marks. Wipe of paste with a clean damp cloth and air dry.

Baking soda. If toothpaste doesn’t work, mix together two tablespoons of baking soda and warm water. Using a cloth, apply a small amount of the paste to the mark and scrub. Add more paste as needed. Finally, wipe the paste off with a clean damp cloth and dry.

Dish detergent. Safe on most fabrics except for silky lustrous material like satin, mix a few drops of detergent with warm water, and using a cloth, scrub the scuff stains. Then, using a clean cloth, dab to dry.

Nail polish remover. Apply a little nail polish remover to a cotton ball to polish out the scuff marks. Then, apply baby powder or petroleum jelly, like Vaseline, to protect the shoe’s material. This method works well for several types of textiles, from patent leather to tennis shoes.

Petroleum Jelly. For patent leather, a little dab of petroleum jelly will make shoes good as new. Simply apply to a cloth and rub the scuffed area. Then, wipe with a clean damp cloth.