Toodles (Thankfully)!

(Goodbye!) Ants – generally considered the most common household pest problem in America. In many cases, ants are classified as “nuisance” pests, with minor food spoilage the most frequently reported domestic impact. Each year, numerous infestations take place and some are so severe that they threaten human health.

(Adios!) Ticks – pack a mighty punch for so small a creature. Ticks account for the majority of vector borne infections to people. Ticks transmit a greater variety of infectious illnesses to humans in the U.S. than any other arthropod. Ticks also transmit more diseases to domestic animals than any other arthropod. They can survive in nature for many years without food.

(Exit!) Spiders – are beneficial predators that help control insect populations, and produce silk and medically useful venom.  Some people, however, have allergic responses and severe reactions to venomous spider bites.

(Adieu!) Houseflies – while plentiful and annoying, of greater importance is their role in possible transmission of organisms, which cause diseases and illnesses such as typhoid, cholera, dysentery and diarrhea. They can also mechanically transmit parasitic worms such as pinworms, roundworms and hookworms. The houseflies’ filthy habits make them efficient in picking up disease causing organisms from garbage, sewage and fecal matter. They regurgitate, defecate or simply transfer those organisms by leg or mouth to human and animal food.

(Farewell!) Cockroaches – spread a variety of human diseases, by transferring microorganisms wherever they go, causing food spoilage and associated intestinal disorders. Cockroaches also produce antigens from their bodies and excretions, and these are important triggers for asthma and other allergies.

Bugs be gone!  “My Critter Catcher” allows me to remove insect creatures from my home without squashing.  I simply squeeze “My Critter Catcher’s” easy  trigger over my target vermin, then catch and release while keeping myself safe at a distance!  MotherStuckers – get “My Critter Catcher” for YOU!!/pages/My-Critter-Catcher/135602173226614


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