Product trial – Bona Mop

The wood floors in my house have been getting a lot more action lately.  With kiddos home for summer break, I had noticed popsicle drips, watermelon sticks and grapefruit icks on the kitchen floor and beyond.  To make matters worse, my favorite clear continuous spray sunscreen had begun to leave a filmy residue on the hardwood bathroom floors.  What was a MotherStucker to do?

This MotherStucker got herself a Bona Mop!  The 4″ x 15″ Bona mop comes complete in package with a 3 piece pole (extremely easy to assemble and impressively sturdy) with floor cleaner and machine washable mop head included.  Bona is specifically formulated to clean all polyurethane finished wood floors and factory pre-finished wood floors.  The cleaning  solution is a waterborne, pH balanced, nontoxic, environmentally friendly cleaner that I feel safe using while my Frenchie Pug chases my every mopping move with my new Bona Mop.

The floors at MotherStucker Headquarters are now as spotless and gleaming as the hardwoods at the home of your favorite NBA team.  To try Bona for yourself check out for special offers and product locator tools.  Go Bona!


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