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MotherStucker IN MOtion – Palm Springs!

MotherStucker IN MOtion

 The Mother Stucker checks out Palm Springs, CA in August 2012!  Stay tuned……….


Toodles (Thankfully)!

(Goodbye!) Ants – generally considered the most common household pest problem in America. In many cases, ants are classified as “nuisance” pests, with minor food spoilage the most frequently reported domestic impact. Each year, numerous infestations take place and some are so severe that they threaten human health.

(Adios!) Ticks – pack a mighty punch for so small a creature. Ticks account for the majority of vector borne infections to people. Ticks transmit a greater variety of infectious illnesses to humans in the U.S. than any other arthropod. Ticks also transmit more diseases to domestic animals than any other arthropod. They can survive in nature for many years without food.

(Exit!) Spiders – are beneficial predators that help control insect populations, and produce silk and medically useful venom.  Some people, however, have allergic responses and severe reactions to venomous spider bites.

(Adieu!) Houseflies – while plentiful and annoying, of greater importance is their role in possible transmission of organisms, which cause diseases and illnesses such as typhoid, cholera, dysentery and diarrhea. They can also mechanically transmit parasitic worms such as pinworms, roundworms and hookworms. The houseflies’ filthy habits make them efficient in picking up disease causing organisms from garbage, sewage and fecal matter. They regurgitate, defecate or simply transfer those organisms by leg or mouth to human and animal food.

(Farewell!) Cockroaches – spread a variety of human diseases, by transferring microorganisms wherever they go, causing food spoilage and associated intestinal disorders. Cockroaches also produce antigens from their bodies and excretions, and these are important triggers for asthma and other allergies.

Bugs be gone!  “My Critter Catcher” allows me to remove insect creatures from my home without squashing.  I simply squeeze “My Critter Catcher’s” easy  trigger over my target vermin, then catch and release while keeping myself safe at a distance!  MotherStuckers – get “My Critter Catcher” for YOU!!/pages/My-Critter-Catcher/135602173226614

Happy Monday MotherStuckers!  Thankful Week Continues – Be Grateful Not Hateful!

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Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.

William Arthur Ward

Ginger is the New Blonde?

For the past decade, (if not the past century) most of the fashion industry has been obsessed with blondes. Be it on models or on A-list stars, blondes are reputed to have more fun. Make no mistake — blonde hair isn’t going anywhere with 2012 — seeing both peroxide blonde and golden blonde as “on trend”.  The icy blond thing is cool and all (and yes fun!), but the spring/summer of 2012 is all about red.  The redhead, specifically ginger isn’t just a hair color in 2012, it’s an attitude.  If it were a formula you could mix up — it would end up — 1/3 red hair, 1/3 personality, and 1/3 confidence!

Part of the appeal of red hair is that it is a rarity.  Less than 2% of people are natural redheads, so the more natural your red color looks, the more it can be associated with something unique and exclusive.  Therefore there’s only one real golden rule worth stating when it comes to red hair in 2012 – it can’t look fake. 

Going ginger is about being fearless and having fun.  The first thing you need to do is decide what type of red you want — whether fashion red, chestnut, ginger, cool tomato, or golden strawberry — how you get there will depend on the condition of your  hair and what color you already have in it.  Different hair colors will take to red dye in varying ways, so your best bet is always to head to a trusted salon.  Very light hair will need a subtle approach to avoid turning too orange; while very dark hair may need to be lightened first in order to achieve a rich red color. Subtle highlights and lowlights help to achieve the natural redhead look, however obvious contrasting streaks are not recommended.  Remember that artificial red is also one of the hardest colors to keep in your hair.  A high fashion red like (singer) Rihanna’s or (supermodel) Coco Rocha’s is going to be just as high maintenance as being a bottle blonde.

Pale porcelain skin will almost always work with red hair – particularly if your eyes are green or blue.  Go for lighter reds like natural gingers and neutral-tone coppers.  If you’ve got freckles, don’t cover them with foundation cake, show them off!

Prefer to go full-throttle strawberry blonde?  Soft gold tones that have a touch of red look great on women who are naturally dark to golden blond with warmer skin tones like (actress) Blake Lively. This golden blond made a striking transition to red and admit it – she’s better than ever.

Another fiery option for 2012 is rich claret-colored hair. Who better than (actress) Scarlett Johansson to sport this trend? This gorgeous hair chameleon turning heads and her new hair color captures her elegance and sophistication to the max. The deep tones of this red hair color build its overall sultriness and glamour.

When you change to red you may need to update your blush and lipstick color.  Vibrant red can drain the face, so it’s important to fuse color back in with blusher or bronzer. Both pale and bronzed skinned redheads should consider lightening their brows. This not only adds to the natural-born redhead effect, but also brings the look well and truly into 2012.

So whether it’s a subtle strawberry or a fiery copper, going red is a way of life. It’s all about having the confidence to own your look. Just have fun with it and don’t be afraid to step out of your box, into the fierce world of redhead ginger bombshells!