Product Trial – Gorilla Tape

MotherStuckers:  If you want something to stick (and stay stuck) you must get yourself some Gorilla Tape!  What is the difference between Gorilla Tape and regular duct tape?  Gorilla Tape is made twice as thick and uses 2 – 3x the amount of rubber based adhesive as the traditional silver stuff.  In my experence Gorilla Tape holds stronger, lasts much longer and is available in a 35 yard roll, 12 yard roll and a handy 1″ Roll that is 1 inch by 30 feet.  Gorilla Tape (& Gorilla Glue) can be found in hardware stores, paint stores, craft stores, office supply stores, grocery stores, auto parts stores, and lumber yards.  Gorilla Tape website even has a store locator at


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