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Thoughtful as a MotherStucker

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FAN-Tastic PillowTalk for MotherStuckers:

I love this trick for dusting off the blades of a grimy ceiling fan without getting a face full of dust.

Simply slide each blade, one at a time, into a pillowcase and wipe off the blade with the inside of the pillowcase. All the dust, dirt, and debris will stay inside. Then simply shake out the case outside and throw it in the laundry bin!

MotherStucker Pinsomnia

Despite the fact I’m familiar with many of the cutting-edge social media technologies, I am often hesitant to adopt them because I’m already too busy with blogging, Twitter, Facebook and my iPhone.  However, my latest obsession has surpassed them all – and believe me, that’s really saying something. It’s more than a site, it’s a lifestyle.  My husband would say an addiction.

I’ve gone from being a bored cook to being constantly inspired to try the onslaught of new, fabulous recipes.  The endless barrage of crafts and styless motivate me to action and I am completely addicted to the fashion/beauty section where I have found a collection of the most innovative, creative and accessibly stylish offerings on the Web that are updated every second.  But, I’m getting ahead of myself here. If you’re not familiar, here are a few basics.

What is Pinterest?  According to Pinterest’s “About Us” page, it is a virtual pin board — a place where you can create collections of things you love and “follow” collections created by people with great taste. People use Pinterest to collect and share all sorts of things — recipes, holiday ideas, travel, crafts, kid’s activities. You name it, people are pinning it.

How do you get a Pinterest invite? Why are invites to Pinterest even necessary?  If you ask me for an invite by email, I’ll send you an invite (! Warning: it might take a few days, but I’ll get to it, I promise!  Why is Pinterest registration by invite only? I honestly don’t know. That’s the way they want it, so that’s the way it is. It can be all very Zen if you think about it the right way.

Why I love it:  I am a visual creature and my computer’s bookmarks just don’t cut it. The process is simple: if you see a Web site you like, simply copy-and-paste the URL. Or, if it is already on, simply “repin.”

What should you pin on Pinterest?  Think of your Pinterest boards as if they were actual 3D inspiration boards.

What is it that is beautiful to you? What do you dream of having, seeing, doing, hearing, reading, wearing? What is that you want to remember and come back to? Pinterest is all the best about inspiration bulletin boards combined with all the best of social book marking. Let that premise guide you as you pin.

How much does it cost to be on  This is a very good question.  Since Pinterest is free to use, and there are no ads anywhere, one has to wonder – how are they making any money to keep the site going?  The site says they are “well-funded by a group of successful entrepreneurs and investors”. Since advertising would really spoil the spirit of grass roots community and sharing that Pinterest is clearly cultivating, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go the other direction and introduce subscription fees somewhere down the line. Perhaps the site will be free just long enough to get everyone hooked.

I could go on but the important thing is for you to get on Rumor has it there is a waiting list to join (a testament of its popularity).   Happy pinning and follow my boards at  (But don’t say you haven’t been warned….).


MotherStucker Media:

It is National Mosquito Awareness Week and your June issue of The Hamburg Journal has “Chatting with Christy” NEATER SKEETER BEATER ideas on page 5! Check it!

Product Trial – Gorilla Tape

MotherStuckers:  If you want something to stick (and stay stuck) you must get yourself some Gorilla Tape!  What is the difference between Gorilla Tape and regular duct tape?  Gorilla Tape is made twice as thick and uses 2 – 3x the amount of rubber based adhesive as the traditional silver stuff.  In my experence Gorilla Tape holds stronger, lasts much longer and is available in a 35 yard roll, 12 yard roll and a handy 1″ Roll that is 1 inch by 30 feet.  Gorilla Tape (& Gorilla Glue) can be found in hardware stores, paint stores, craft stores, office supply stores, grocery stores, auto parts stores, and lumber yards.  Gorilla Tape website even has a store locator at

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Instead of cleaning I just watch an episode of hoarders. 

I didn’t realize how fantastic my house really looks.