Garage Sale I

 This weekend is the big garage sale at TheMotherStucker homestead.  Here are some tips to help you prepare to make a little extra $ (beach fund?) and not lose your mind MotherStuckers!

 -Clean out that garage, basement, attic, spare room, or shed. A good rule-of-thumb is to get rid of anything you haven’t used in the last year.

 -Ask friends & family members to join you. The more stuff you have, the more attractive you are to the garage-salers who drive by.

 -Decide how many tables you will need and beg, borrow and steal any extras you might need from family, friends and neighbors. And don’t forget a table for checking out customers.

 -If it’s broke or unrepairable, throw it out! If it’s dirty, wash it!

 -Start collecting bags and boxes to pack merchandise in, along with newspaper for breakables. You’ll need plenty the day of your sale.

 -Think like a shopper!  When pricing your merchandise, think of prices you would like to see if you were shopping at a garage sale. The lower the price, the faster it will sell, the more money you make and the less you will have to pack up at the end of your sale.

 -Mark your prices large and clear on each tag with a medium line marker or pen.

 -Make sure you have the following items ready for the day of the sale: note pad or paper for figuring and for placing price stickers on after sale, pens, calculator, money box or better yet, a fanny pack (the ONLY acceptable time to wear a fanny pack!) or carpenter’s apron (much better!).

 -Decide if you want to accept personal checks before the first person asks you. (personally, I would only take them from people you really know.)

 -Put up an “ALL SALES FINAL” sign.

 -Save everything til the next sale, donate to charity or offer it all on FreeCycle!!!


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