Jen. T of Versailles KY says:  “I need TheMotherStucker’s help!  I didn’t realize how dirty my house was until I started trying to clean finger prints off everything.  MotherStucker, do you have an easy way to clean prints off doors, trim and baseboards?  Disposable wipes are not cutting it –  I’m starting to think it  would be easier just to paint again…”

Put the paintbrush away Jen!  Instead grab an old toothbrush and a clean rag.  This is no sweat!  Using any OxyClean type product powder (usually comes in a tub) make a warm water/OxyClean solution in the bottom of a bucket.  Saturate the toothbrush and attack the most stubborn fingerprints (hardly any elbow grease necessary).  Get the rag damp in the same solution and simply wipe the surface down.  Like new  – XOXOXO!

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