Go Skunk Yourself

I love my dog.  I love my hubby.  However today I almost cut them both loose. 

Before hubby left for work at 5AM he let out the darling pup to do her business.   As sweet dog returned from the yard, hubby explains he noticed a slight stench of skunk outside that smelled “distant”.  Exit hubby via work commute.

Enter canine into the master bedroom after her morning potty break.  I honestly have no idea how long she lied next to me while I slumbered.  My best estimate is 60 seconds max before I completely lost my shit.  It should be noted at this point that I am not a morning person.  Let it suffice to say there was a extensive amount of cursing, thrashing, and overall mayhem as I tried to figure out why my nose holes were burning. 

After searching the house for whatever the hell might be “smoldering” I realized the stench got stronger every time the dog approached.  At which time I also noticed said puppy had the same painful expression on her face as I wore on mine.   She appeared to be suffering from smelly invasion – except that she was even closer to the source (herself!) than I cared to be.

So she got sprayed by a skunk – now what?  I tried every suggestion I could find on Google including a tomato juice bath and  a homemade baking soda solution, both of which were useless.   I gave myself a break from bathing the dog and went grocery shopping where I stumbled upon the solution that saved the dog and my hubby from certain relocation.  I am now “Petastic/Skunk Odor Eliminator’s” biggest fan!

“Petastic/Skunk Odor Eliminator” contains a powerful enzyme blend that eliminates skunk odors for pets, fabrics, and all water safe surfaces.  It is safe, effective, and economical, plus guaranteed to work.  www.petastic.com, 800-592-1900.


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